Patient Safety

The team at Bracken Godfrey, DDS, MS is committed to following the guidelines and standards set in place to ensure that our patients are in the safest environment possible when receiving dental care.

The safety of our patients and the dental professionals in our practice has always been a top priority. Recently, we have enhanced our infection protocols even further, implementing measures that go beyond the recommended standards of care.

Dental Office Compliance of New England

Bracken Godfrey, DDS, MS partnered with Dental Office Compliance of New England to ensure that our office meets BORID, OSHA and CDC guidelines. Dental Office Compliance of New England routinely trains the team at Bracken Godfrey, DDS, MS in emergency response, record keeping, waste management, hazard assessment, operatory organization and more.

The information below will inform you about measures we have taken in our office to reduce the chance of cross-contamination of disease from patient to patient. You may observe numerous areas of prevention you may not have seen before.

Included in Our Infection Control :

  1. Facemasks: All of our clinical personnel wear facemasks during patient care. These physical barriers assist in reducing the spread of organisms from person to person.
  2. Gloves: New disposable gloves are worn for every patient. These gloves ensure that contamination is not spread from patient to patient.
  3. Disinfection of Counters and Other Surfaces: You may notice a mild chemical odor associated when wiping surfaces. These chemicals are necessary to disinfect surfaces that have been touched during patient treatment.
  4. Items Attached to Dental Operating Units: Handpieces, air blowers, suction equipment, etc., are sterilized with a combination of heat and chemicals.
  5. Barriers: Plastic or rubber is placed on chairs, switches, etc., for each new patient.
  6. Instruments: All metal instruments placed in your mouth have been sterilized by a combination of heat or chemicals.

Every possible precaution is being taken in our office to avoid any cross-contamination from patient to patient. We welcome your suggestions.