Academy of General Dentistry Fellowship and Mastership Awards

Dr. Godfrey earned his Mastership Award in 2023. He earned his Fellowship Award in 2007. 

AGD Fellowship and Mastership are prestigious symbols of dentistry’s continuous journey toward improvement and progress. Fellows and Masters embody AGD’s principles and ideals and accept an obligation to prove themselves worthy of their designations throughout their professional lives. 

To earn Fellowship, dentists must be AGD members for three consecutive years, earn a minimum of 500 approved CE credits, pass a comprehensive examination, apply for the award and attend an AGD Convocation Ceremony. 

To Attain Mastership, AGD Fellows must earn an additional 600 approved CE credits, meeting the minimum requirements in each of the dental disciplines. In addition, 400 of the required credits must be from participation courses, where skills are learned through manipulation of dental materials. The final requirement of Mastership is to attend an AGD Convocation Ceremony. 

In AGD’s 70-year history, 18,265 members have earned Fellowship, while 3,767 have received Mastership. 

Fellows and Masters represent a commitment to lifelong learning and support for AGD’s mission “to serve the needs and to represent the interests of general dentists and to foster their continued proficiency through quality continuing dental education in order to better serve the public.” 

Taken from the Academy of General Dentistry Convocation 2023 Program

American Board of General Dentistry Certification

The American Board of General Dentistry (ABGD) aspires to fulfill its objective to elevate the standards and advance the science and art of general dentistry by encouraging its studying and improving its practice. In attaining the prestigious recognition of board certification, a dentist

demonstrates a commitment to provide the best possible patient care through a dedication to his or her continuing education. 

Taken from the Academy of General Dentistry Convocation 2023 Program