Digital Dentistry in Somersworth

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Godfrey Dentistry provides digital dentistry in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Call 603-692-2045 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry refers to the use of digital technology in the diagnostic, planning, and implementation of dental procedures. Digital technology can include imaging, X-rays, impressions, scans, software, and more. These various forms of technology can be used in a variety of procedures from cavity fillings to dental implant placement.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

The use of digital dentistry provides a variety of benefits, such as: 

  • Better diagnostics. We can better diagnose dental and oral health issues with the use of digital imaging and X-rays. Early detection is key to effective treatment. 

  • Effective treatment planning. Digital technology allows us to create an individualized plan for your treatment that is based on 3D images we can see and manipulate.

  • Accuracy in procedures. Computerized assistance allows us to accomplish procedures with greater accuracy, such as the placement of dental implants.

  • Patient understanding. Patients can better understand their own treatment with a 3D visual of the process from start to finish.

Why Choose Godfrey Dentistry?

Not all dental practices provide the level of technology that Godfrey Dentistry does. But as a modern practice we make it a priority to stay up to date with current technology in order to  provide the highest quality dental care to our patients. Not only do we equip our office with the latest technology, we get the necessary training to implement it effectively in order to take full advantage of all that the technology offers. 

To learn more about digital dentistry, call 603-692-2045 to schedule or request an appointment.