Root Canal Treatment in Somersworth

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Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal therapy, allows you to preserve teeth that have infected or inflamed pulp tissue instead of extracting and replacing them with a bridge or implant. Root canal treatments are recommended for patients who have deep decay that has reached the pulp or who have suffered dental trauma that has severely injured or displaced the tooth.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment

A typical endodontic treatment requires one or more appointments. Your tooth and the area surrounding will be numbed with local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Then, the crown of the tooth is opened, allowing Dr. Godfrey access to the pulp chamber.

Dr. Godfrey removes the infected or inflamed pulp from the chamber and root canals, then shapes the canals and cleans the interior of your tooth. If you have an active infection, antibiotic medication may be placed in the chamber to expedite healing. A material called gutta percha replaces the pulp and seals the tooth to prevent reinfection. Dr. Godfrey will use a dental filling or crown to restore strength, function, and appearance to the affected tooth.

Most patients return to work and other normal activities the same day as their root canal treatment, as there’s no downtime or recovery needed afterwards. You may notice some sensitivity and soreness at the site, but this can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication.

Frequently Asked Questions About Endodontic Treatment

Is a root canal painful?

Root canals have an unfair reputation for being painful, but with modern endodontic techniques and local anesthetic, a typical root canal is no more painful than getting a cavity filled. Any tenderness and sensitivity will usually only last for 2 to 3 days after the procedure.

How long does a root canal take?

The length of time required for a root canal treatment depends on the severity of your case and the complexity of your root canals. An appointment may be up to 90 minutes long, and you may need more than one visit to complete your treatment.

Is it better to pull a tooth or get a root canal?

Saving your natural tooth with root canal therapy is always preferable if you have the option.

Is a crown necessary after a root canal?

Crowns are commonly needed after root canal treatment, but not always. For some teeth, a dental filling may be sufficient.

How soon after a root canal should I get a crown?

We recommend getting your crown within 2 weeks of your root canal treatment. The benefit of having your root canal with Dr. Godfrey is that he can also provide your crown, streamlining the process of endodontic treatment and eliminating the need for multiple specialists.

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